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Latest News from Chris (Eric von Essex) Blog:

I’m Banned from Youtube!

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Eric von Essex.

Live every Monday and Thursday at 8:00pm (UK Time) on  YouTube, censorship permitting!

So far, YouTube have removed 7 of my videos and given me four bans that lasted a week on every occasion!

To see my banned videos and more please see my Bitchute, Odysee and Rumble Channels. Links are below.


(Eric von Essex)

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To confuse the authorities, I’m known as Peter Croft on Facebook! My Facebook group is known as Fockham Hall!


Also The Naughty Show on Bitchute where we can say things that would probably be censored by YouTube.

20mph Zones planned for Waltham Cross and Cheshunt in Hertfordshire. It will not only be the final nail in the coffin for small business but also the thin edge of the wedge towards 15 minute ghettoes. There is a limited time to object.


Why not join me on Telegram! In my view Telegram is far better than Facebook as it doesn’t have childish censorship. Please press here for my Telegram Channel.


Eric von Essex YouTube shows along with the banned ones can be viewed on my Odysee channel.


Eric von Essex YouTube shows along with the banned ones can be viewed on my Rumble channel.

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