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Most of us live in a country that was named by some useless ruthless ponce years ago to fuel their own ego. The royals and village idiots have a lot in common; they are both the result of close family breeding!
Looking at it logically, the royal ancestors of the current bunch of mentally deranged parasitic psycho’s were the least qualified to name a country let alone rule it! Now this is where the fun starts! If you are fed up with cultural Marxism why not start your own country and declare independence?
Additionally why not give yourself a poncy title? Your house, flat, tent or even a VW camper van can be a country! As an independent country you can ban political correctness!
Officials, such as TV licensing, would need a valid passport and a visa costing £1250 to enter your abode. Also as an independent country you could try avoiding UK's/Ireland's fraudulent taxes (usually without success!)
Ignore UK's/Ireland's pantomime politics and silly elections. Eventually all the independent countries will amalgamate to form a Free UK and Free Ireland. We would introduce debt free currency, similar to the 1914 Bradbury Pound.
Usury would be banned. There would only be one low percentage purchase tax, all other taxes would be unnecessary. Inflation and artificial debt crisis would be confined to the history books.
From this idea, the Country of Fockhem-Hall was formed. Fockham Hall is probably one of the smallest countries in the world, unless you know differently!
If you are fed up with Zionist Occupied Britain (ZOB) Why not start your own country!
Are you fed up with cultural Marxism?
Start your own country!
Declare independence from Subversion!
Further details to follow so please call back soon!