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Psycho Art.
Spot the Psycho Art!
An integral part of the political agenda is to demoralize and depress everyone. A downtrodden demoralized society is a controllable one!
Art works on several levels. An item of beauty lifts the spirit. Psycho art is designed to do the opposite.  
Instead of depressing us, why not have fun!
Think up apt names and artistic and/or scientific ways of lawfully getting rid of these mindless pieces of junk that litter our landscape!
The Dog’s Pissuar,
Harlow, Essex, England.
What more can be said about this hideous heap of junk! It sits in the middle of an open stretch of grass surrounded by a modern housing estate. Residents have the opportunity to look out at dogs regularly pissing up it!
It’s a mystery what it’s supposed to represent but whatever it is, it’s truly awful!  It looks like the result of a council committee meeting chaired entirely by butch lesbians wearing boiler suits and communist purpose graduates!
The Vomit Rounderbout,
Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England.
To appreciate the full awfulness of this eyesore it’s best to visit this monstrosity on a cold overcast winter day! It’s almost guaranteed to give the visitor, if they are human, manic depression.
January 2015 the existing green flora was dug up and replaced with bland pebbles that look like the Gobi Desert. A huge lump of ply was added that’s been hacked about with a jigsaw. It’s supposed to represent the waves of the Olympic white water rafting event that was held locally. In reality it looks as if it’s representing vomit; rather apt with the pub in the background!
Zombie on the Shore,
West Country, England.
So called art that puts you off your fish and chips!
This lump of junk appeared by the sea and many people would like to see it booted into the sea when the tide is going out!
Eyesore of the North.
It is rumored this rusting heap of junk was placed there specifically for pidgin shit target practice!
Some locals believe the “Artist” disliked people in the area so erected the monstrosity to spite them!
It is now possible to purchase calendars with monthly photos of this heap.
In the interests of health and safety, I believe the calendars should carry a Government Health Warning that photos of the “Eyesore of the North” could seriously affect your mental health. There should also be a clearly printed address of the local loony bin for anyone purchasing the calendar!
Lesbians “R” us!
From the demented minds of the politically correct loony “ist” chanting brigade (they are obsessed with accusing people of nasty things and words that end in “ist) comes this sculpture. At least the sculptor had some skill.
The overall political agenda is to break up the family unit, enabling the state to socially engineer the mindset of the young.
This sculpture lodges in the subconscious of the young and the hard of thinking and is very dangerous!
Artist Should Have Gone To Specsavers!
This lump of tasteless junk pollutes the landscape of Hertfordshire, England. The local pigeons are possibly the best judge of this eyesore, they have kindly left their visual opinion!   
The AlienTurd Prodder!
Hertfordshire, England
What the F**K is this supposed to be? It looks like some mutant being trying to shove their head up an alien’s bum!!
Strange Pussy!
Wyndham Vale Community Centre, Australia.
This out of proportion hideous heap of junk looks like a genetic mutation. It’s called “The Cat” and cost Australian taxpayers $60,000, approximately £31,000!
An infant school class could probably produce better free of charge!