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Debt Free Currency
So simple, even a career Politician could understand it!
How the current undemocratic fraudulent financial system works.
Unelected private banks generate money from nothing and charge countries massive crippling interest from that nothing. Citizens of the countries are then enslaved by taxes that continue to rise to pay an ever increasing debt that can never be paid off. People pay more to get less.
Eventually the infrastructure of a country is wrecked by cutbacks. It is then privatised and asset stripped by multinationals that are owned by the banking Mafia. Small business is then systematically destroyed. It is in the banking Mafia's interests for the country to be a Marxist dictatorship, in a constant state of war and heavily in debt.
Quantitative easing enables countries to print money that's also based upon nothing but increases the debt to the banks who loaned the money that's based upon nothing in the first place! It is possibly the greatest fraud known to humanity and relies upon ignorance of the masses to survive. Senior politicians are fully aware of it but the usury fraud continues as banks make sure those in power answer to them. The average politician is generally totally ignorant of the usury scam or if they know about it they keep their mouths shut.
A fully controlled media is also compliant. So called media economic “Experts” toe the line as they realize they would never get employment if they revealed the truth. The economic fraud is so embedded in society its almost on a par to a religious cult in which its worshippers obey without question and arrogantly defend it!
How democratic Debt Free Currency Works.
Countries, not unelected banks, print their own debt free currency based upon the efficacy and stability of the country. Government is responsible for the honest issuing of currency that is NOT based upon debt. It's that simple! As it has no debts; finance then becomes our slave, not our master as it currently is.
Recession and financial crisis would then be confined to the history books. Usury would be banned. Banks would only be allowed to charge a set administration fee.
Current taxes of which the majority are illegal would be scrapped. Only a simple purchase tax would be necessary that nobody could avoid. The process is totally democratic as those in government would be answerable to the people they represent, not a bunch of criminal unelected bankers.
A brief history of debt free currency.
1862 – American Civil War.
Abraham Lincoln is having a bad hair day. His army is f*cked and so is his economy! The Rothschilds are approached. They offer to finance Abraham Lincoln’s Union at a crippling 27% interest rate! Lincoln in an indirect way tells the Rothschilds to sod off and then prints debt free currency, “The Greenback!” The economy booms and his army wins the war! P*ssed off with this, the Rothschilds hire John Wilkes Booth to assassinate Lincoln. He does and Rothschild friendly politicians scrap debt free currency and plunge America into massive unnecessary debt!
1914 – Britain, Outbreak of W.W.I.
Britain is near bankrupt. To prevent a run on the banks the August Bank Holiday is extended a further three days. Chancellor Lloyd George issues the “Bradbury Pound” debt free currency. It’s an immediate success and saves the day. The Rothschild banks almost blow a fuse. When Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister in 1916 he mysteriously has a change of heart. Many believe the Rothschild bankers blackmailed him as Lloyd George was known to have got about a bit with the ladies and secretly fathered many illegitimate children. The Bradbury is quietly scrapped and Britain is plunged into massive unnecessary debt.
1933 – Germany.
Germany boots out corrupt bankers, tells the international money lenders to p*ss off and prints its own debt free currency. Germany goes from financial ruin to economic boom almost overnight. Former British Prime Minister Lloyd George visited Germany and praised its economic miracle. In 1939, on behalf of the banks, Britain declares war on Germany using Poland as an excuse. The real hidden reason for the conflict was to stop Germany printing debt free currency. Germany had to be totally destroyed at all costs to prevent other countries getting similar ideas of introducing debt free currency. The Soviet Union, under Stalin, was financed by Rothschild bankers. Stalin was responsible for the genocide of between 60 to 100 million people, a fact that is still conveniently overlooked. Despite that the Soviet Union became allied to the west. The rest is history.
1963 – USA
President Kennedy gets debt free dollars ready for circulation. He is assassinated just two weeks prior to debt free currency being issued. Johnson is sworn in and immediately cancels the planned issuing of debt free currency!
Almost every country on the “Axis of Evil” issues Debt Free Currency. One by one the countries are being invaded by the west.  Thereafter western banks take their economies over and they are plunged into massive debt. The country is asset stripped resulting in severe hardship for the people of that country. That in turn creates more conflict as the banks finance both sides and the arms industry sells more arms. When western forces become involved, it plunges western nations into more debt that can never be paid off. Taxes are raised to pay for the never ending wars and the debt cycle continues with never ending false recessions and economic gloom. People are nothing more than economic slaves to the 1% elite that get richer at the expense of human mystery.
Democracy is nothing more than a myth. When people go to the polls in Britain, USA etc, in reality all they are electing are bank representatives whose political party is more cunning at confidence trickery than the other political parties! It is said that elections are nothing more than a pantomime in order to give the masses the false impression they are living in a democracy.
Senior politicians have no conscience whatsoever, the majority perhaps all are psychopaths. There are a minority of honest politicians but they rarely rise up the ranks.   
Over the years, people that have stood firm against the Banksters, with the exception of Lloyd George, have paid the price. Optimistically a tidal wave of people are waking up to the fact we are economically enslaved by Banksters. Senior politicians are getting increasingly worried. The system relies upon mass ignorance to survive hence reason our education system has been deliberately wrecked and mainstream media is aimed at people whose mental age matches their shoe size!
It is only a question of time. Most empires throughout history generally collapse like a house of cards. Let’s hope common sense prevails and one day  soon we arrest the criminals that rule us, Debt Free Currency is introduced and the process happens peacefully and lawfully.